VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer’s new “What’s in the Bible” series

What's in the BibleWhat’s in the Bible?  Phil Vischer, VeggieTales creator,  has created a new DVD series to answer that question for kids!   In a recent interview he was asked why he developed the series.  He said,  “Sixty-five percent of our kids are walking away from the church as soon as they graduate high school.  This is a crisis.  We all need to work together to develop and promote solutions.”

His strategy for  “What’s in the Bible” series is to go beyond teaching Christian values as taught in VeggieTales. To try to go beyond teaching individual Bible stories to help kids see the “big picture” and teach them Christianity.

We’d love to hear what you think about this new series.  Please leave your comments here and post a review on our product pages too!  Thanks!

What’s in the Bible – In the Beginning Volume 1

What’s in the Bible – Let my People Go Volume 2


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