VBS is Significant to My Family and Me

We LOVE taking our kids to Vacation Bible School! Most of you Nest Community readers for sure have their earliest and fond memories of their childhood summers spent in a Vacation Bible School.  Summer IS the season of Vacation Bible School and all over the world preparations are being made for a week of fun.  You’ll find community members busy gathering supplies, candy, snacks and making decorations.  Volunteers are all pitching in making last minute preparations on all activities and bible lessons for children, all to make sure they have the best time.

Lately, even with criticism by other people that Bible Vacation School may have lost its significance, a lot of parents still believe in its purpose.  You’ll find they all have their reasons for their fondness of the program.  Here’s what some have to say:

“Even if they’re not ready to respond in repentance and faith, they will at least have a framework for understanding what it means to relate rightly to God”Trent Henderson, on children hearing the gospel

Every night I received wonderful hugs from some of the children.  I listened as they excitedly told their parents about the story of the night.”  – Mom from Maryland, on why she loves teaching VBS

When I was 12, a friend of mine invited me to VBS.  My dad had passed away earlier that year and my family had long since stopped going to church.  I went to VBS and met a wild & crazy Youth Pastor and a bunch of people who loved Jesus and weren’t afraid to show it.  The next week I went to camp and gave my life to Jesus.” – Coastal Community Church member

“I love VBS for the imprint and the impact it can make on the heart of a child.” –  Jerry Lawrence

“See an elderly, daze woman with glitter and Popsicle sticks in her hair, and you’ll know Vacation Bible School has just let out for the day…”Buck from Chicago

Just like the Coastal Community Church, we believe in bringing the community together, where each one plays a meaningful part and put value on “planting seeds.”  Teaching the Word of God to children should not just be limited to Sunday School Lessons; these programs allow you to teach them about having a personal relationship with Christ.

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