The Truth about America’s Heritage: Religious or Godly?

Faith of Our Father's DVD

Faith of Our Father's DVD

Independence Day presents the perfect opportunity to think about America’s Godly Heritage and the beliefs that led to the founding of this great nation.  And while there seems to be some confusion about our true roots, the need to understand our history and the elements that contributed to our independence has never been more crucial.  

Is religion the bedrock of our independence, or is it our Godly beliefs that helped form the United States of America?  Did the founding fathers of our nation dream of a religious America, or did they envision a country with religious liberty?  This historical debate continues to mystify the very foundation of America, leaving our younger generation even more perplexed in the process. 

Growing up, most of us were taught that when George Washington was sworn into office in 1789 with his left hand on an open Bible, the words “So help me God…” reverberated across the fullness of the Federal Hall balcony.  Our parents and great grandparents have all admired the inscriptions of the Ten Commandments in the marble of the United States Supreme Court and the bold proclamation “Praise Be Unto God” embedded on a plaque at the top of the Washington Monument.  Even the beautiful stained glass window in the US capitol portraying President Washington kneeling in prayer has constantly reminded us of America’s Godly Heritage.

However, as time passed, it seems even history has changed.  Details, however ostensibly small, have been left out in schools and in homes.  Now, people argue if George Washington even uttered the famous words “So help me God…” during his Oath taking, or if our founding fathers were Christians or simply Deists. 

The good news is, today, we now have at our disposal hundreds of resources that can correct misconceptions about America’s Godly Heritage and/or religious America.  Now we can turn to visually stimulating DVDs such as Drive Thru History, Discovering America’s Founders, Battlefields And Blessings V2-Revolutionary War, and Faith Of Our Fathers to help enlighten us about our founding fathers’ legacy and the true history of America.  With a clear grasp of how our nation came to exist and eventually won its freedom, our children and their grandchildren will be able to shape a future that’s not only progressive, but also morally responsible.  And perhaps in our understanding, we will discover what it essentially means to be an American.

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