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Hand-Eye Coordination as a part of Homeschool Curriculum

Hand-Eye coordination is an invaluable and necessary skill sometimes overlooked as part of homeschool curriculum. As simple as it seems, hand-eye coordination must be learned. The good news is that kid’s games and summer activities are a perfect way to disguise training. Here are our three favorite hand-eye coordination homeschool curriculum kits – easily camouflaged as just another game for a summer of fun!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

1. Joey Jump

Place a beanbag on one end of the 27.67″ inclined plane and stomp on the other end, your beanbag sails in the air for you to catch. A wonderful activity your child will practice again and again! Includes 2 bean bags and a 28″ plastic launching board. Bean bag colors may vary. Ages 2 and up.

2.  5-Peg Ring Toss

The fast-action tossing game! Toss rings onto wooden pegs. Assign points to each ring and calculate who gets the most points after 7 tosses!  Includes two sturdy plastic 10″ bases, 2 posts, 4 plastic rings and instructions. Play indoors or out! 2 to 4 players.

3.  Bean Bag Toss

These bean bag sets are perfect for your playground, carnival, or physical education programs. The backboards feature colorful animations with different sized holes for an added challenge to any game! The regular Bean Bag Toss features 3 holes with a dragon on one side and an octopus on the other and includes three bags. The large Bean Bag Toss features 6 holes with an octopus on one side only and includes six bags. Ages 4 and up.

Adding these to your homeschool curriculum is sure to enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination and bring some fun back to the classroom this summer.

10 Favorite Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

Remember sidewalk chalk when you were a kid? I do! I would spend hours outside covering the driveway with my best drawings – only to have them washed away by rain or the sprinklers that evening. Now, I considered myself pretty artistic and my drawings wonderful, but they never looked anything like these! Check out our top 10 favorites and share some of yours!Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse 2015 movie streaming

10. Julian Beever – Rembrandt

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing

9. Edgar Mueller – Waterfall 1

Edgar Mueller Waterfall

8. Julian Beever – Sail Boat on Street

Julian Beever Sail Boat

7. Julian Beever – Coca Cola Bottle

Julian Beever CocaCola Bottle

6. Julian Beever – Water Rapids

Julian Beever Water Rapids

5. Julian Beever – Eiffel Tower Discovery

Julian Beever Eiffel Tower Discovery

4. Julian Beever – Seal

Julian Beever Seal

3. Julian Beever – Manhole

Julian Beever Manhole

2. Edgar Mueller – Ice Cliffs

Edgar Mueller Ice Cliffs Edgar Mueller Ice Cliffs Complete

1. Edgar Mueller – Great Waterfall

Edgar Mueller Great Waterfall

Edgar Mueller Great Waterfall Complete


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