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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Sports

Math – Check. Science – Check. English – Check. History – Check. Sports – ?.

kids playing sports

Organized sports teaches your child teamwork and good sportmanship – a value that will help them succeed in life!

It’s that time of year again – time to break out the calendar and begin planning next year’s schedule. While you are planning and budgeting your homeschool curriculum materials, are you leaving something out? Everyone covers the basics when purchasing homeschool materials: science, math, social studies, English, etc., but many forget a very important part of any child’s homeschool schedule: Sports.

Study after study has shown the importance of sports in a child’s life. Organized sports in particular can offer many more benefits than simple exercise at home.

1. Exercise

In this age of electronics and video games, obesity and diabetes along with other health disorders are on the rise. Organized sports get kids off the couch and get them moving again. Not only will they be burning calories, but building strong muscles and working out that ever so important muscle: the heart.

2. Life Lessons

Organized sports and being a part of a team teaches children many valuable life lessons and skills. Being a part of a team requires making a commitment: a commitment to show up on time, work hard in practice, and contribute something to the team. Practicing teaches patience and discipline along with the value of hard work. Games build a healthy sense of competition and teach good sportsmanship: you can’t win them streaming movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi 2016

3. Encourage Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can be difficult thing to build up in a child, especially in their teen years. As children get older, they begin to compare themselves with others and may feel inadequate in comparison. Sports are a great way to ensure that encouraging self-confidence is embedded into your homeschool curriculum. Sports encourage self-confidence by allowing for self-exploration and a sense of achievement: “I want to throw a curve ball.” And that day at practice, they learn and use it to strike several out in the next game.

4. Social Skills

It is extremely important in the homeschool environment to ensure that your child has a chance to develop social skills and be around others their own age. Organized sports is a great way to teach skills such as: being kind to others, encouraging one another and healthy conversation. They will also get the chance to show graciousness and kindness to the opposing team.

5. Family Time

Last, but definitely not least, organized sports encourages family time! Whether helping out at practices, practicing at home, going to games, getting involved in fund raisers, or all of the above, your family will spend hours together doing something that your child is passionate about.

Whether planning, scheduling, budgeting, or buying your homeschool curriculum materials, don’t forget to fit sports into your schedule. Don’t know where to look? Try finding a Homeschool Athletics Association in your town, join a gym, or talk to the public schools in your area – some have openings on the team for homeschoolers.


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