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Myth: lack of socialization in homeschools

As homeschooling teachers, we know that it’s a huge myth that homeschoolers are not socialized. Check out this article we found: click here.

Public School vs. Homeschool Socialization

My people believe that homeschool deprives kids of the socialization benefits that you get from public school. I believe that no matter what educational avenue a parent decides, the true result of any socialization is up to the parents and how they incorporate socilaization into the child’s life. There is an abundance of socialization tools out there now for homeschoolers and it is up to the parents to participate in them. You do not have to go to public school to do this. What do you think?

An article by Reverend Brenda Hoffman states, “Truth be told, most homeschool parents feel that the public school’s social life is enough of a reason for them to homeschool. This is because, in the majority of schools, the social life that takes place in public schools is mean-spirited, competitive, exclusive, status-seeking, snobbish, full of talk about who went to whose birthday party and who got what Christmas presents and who got how many Valentine cards and who is talking to so-and-so and who is not. This begins as early as first grade. You’ll see classes divide into leaders (usually the popular kids), their bands of followers, and other outsiders who you can tell have been excluded from these groups for one reason or another. Many parents will even note that they haven’t ever seen their children doing anything really mean or silly until their child(ren) went away to school.”

Give us your opinion on the differences of public school vs. homeschool socialization and what it is you do to incorporate socialization in your childs life.

Stereotypes of home-schooled children are incorrect

Great Web letter by 13-year old Sarah Prater:

I’m 13 and have been home-schooled for eight years. I think people need to know more about home schooling because of the unfounded stereotypes that seem to label every child who is home-schooled. While some people do home school primarily because of their beliefs, special needs children or other reasons, it does not mean that all home-schoolers are religious fanatics or that they can’t cope with the stresses of public school. Many parents home-school because of the faulty public education system, possible multiple school transfers, fear of gang violence and school shootings.

One of the big issues that are brought up in discussions about home-schooling is socialization. A lot of people have the opinion that home-schoolers spend their lives at the kitchen table, apart from the rest of the world. While schoolwork is the same no matter how you are educated, home-schoolers aren’t tied down at a desk for six hours, five days a week during the school year. Instead, they are free to extend their classroom to museums, colleges, hospitals, capitol buildings, state parks and other locations at any time of the year. Family vacations can be to anywhere at any time. Read the rest of this entry »


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