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Building Blocks of Life

Lego City Building SetWho remembers Legos? Who still plays with Legos? I DO! When I was a little girl, I had the usual girl toys – Barbies, dolls, stuffed animals, tea sets; then, my brother was born and my eyes were opened up to all kinds of new and exciting things! I remember thinking “I really like cars and G.I. Joe  – I think I’ll ‘borrow’ them.” But my favorite:  Legos – there was just something about the way you started out with a big, jumbled pile of rainbow colored blocks and ended up with a castle or a city for those Hot Wheels to drive through.

When I first started to play with Legos, we only had the large bucket of Legos; now, you can get everything from basic sets to Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Legos have been around the block a few times – since 1932 in fact. So what made them stay?

They have a mission: “Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility.” And a vision: “We want to pioneer new ways of playing, play materials and the business models of play – leveraging globalization and digitalization…it is not just about products, it is about realizing the human possibility.”

With that in mind, Lego has gone from a small carpenter’s workshop to a global enterprise – now the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer in toys! And they’ve done some amazing things.

Lego Lands are popping up everywhere – the 2 main locations are in California and Florida. From rides and exhibits to shops full of any Lego shape, color, or size that you can dream of – these theme parks are a Lego lover’s dream!

And imagine your child’s walls covered in Legos… it’s been done! HGTV recently created a room in which the walls are covered in Legos where the child can build from floor to ceiling.

There have also been Lego video games, movies, and YouTube videos. So send your child’s imagination soaring and give them the building blocks of life! Who knows, maybe they’ll become an architect.


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