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5 Homeschool Methods You Should Consider

The middle of July seems like an odd time to start thinking about school, but not if you are a homeschooling parent that is in the process of deciding which teaching method to use in the fall.  Although homeschooling is not a new concept, the different methods that can be used to teach have drastically increased since the beginning of homeschooling. With each homeschooling method, there are potential pros and cons. Many of the differences in homeschooling methods boil down to differences in how you view education, how much you want to be involved in teaching, the amount of structure your child needs, and what you want them to learn.
We have compiled a small list of methods to get you started on your research and thought process, while you still have time to decide and choose the best method for you.

The Classical Home Schooling Method:

Based on the philosophy of education used in ancient Greece and in Europe during the Middle Ages, this is a rigorous style of education that views education in three phases. These stages correspond to the development of a child’s ability to reason.  One example of this method is the Memoria Press curriculum, which is designed to be accessible to homeschool families who have no familiarity with the subject being taught. This method works well if you are looking for structure and want to be fairly involved as a teacher.

Computer-Based Home Schooling Method:

As this type of home schooling method is becoming more popular, there are increasing varieties of how students use the computer for their home schooling. Some computer-based curriculums have the curriculum on CDs or DVDs, such as Switched-On Schoolhouse.  This method works  best if you need to find a way to not be involved so much in the day-to-day process of your child’s education, though you would be available to give help and general guidance, and if you have a child who likes being able to work at his own pace and use the computer.

Literature-Based Home Schooling Method:

Rather than use textbooks, this can be rather dry and uninteresting to many children, literature-based curriculums use “living books”. Students read historical fiction, first-person accounts and books written by people with a passion for their subject. This is a good method to choose if you value having your child love to read and if you want to be involved in the day-to-day process of your child’s education. By reading these living books, he or she will love to read!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Unschooling/ Relaxed Method:

In the unschooling approach, the parent offers support, resources and encouragement, and the child leads the way in learning. In this home school method, the belief is that the child will learn best if he is interested and self-motivated.  This is a good method if you want your child to have the freedom to follow their own interests, and if you have enough confidence in the process of learning that you don’t mind if not all of your child’s learning can be documented by a written test.

Textbook-based/Traditional Home School Method:

This homeschooling method bases its model on the traditional idea of a classroom school, with workbooks and textbooks.  Some of the most popular textbook-based curricula come from AOP and Bob Jones University.  If your desire is to have your child studying material in a similar scope and sequence as other public or private schools, then you may want to purchase curriculum that comes from a well-known publisher, such as these.  This method works well if you desire the style of a classroom school and want your child to experience that at home, and if your child is able to do well and learn through fill-in-the-blanks and quizzes.

Although this can feel like an exhausting process to think about in July, this list by no means is exhaustive in its potential methods to think about implementing for the school year.  When you have decided which method is best for you, we hope that you will visit NEST Learning. NEST Learning understands Homeschool Curriculum as part of your child’s education, and we provide Homeschool curriculum books, textbooks, workbooks, software, and complete Homeschool curriculum packages from many of the most respected Homeschool publishers including, Wordly Wise, Alpha Omega Publications, BJU Homeschool, Apologia Educational Ministries, Saxon Homeschool.

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