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Is your child falling behind?

Is your child falling behind?

Every mom worries in the middle of the homeschool year if their child is having a difficult time grasping some concepts especially those in math or vocabulary where it’s either you know it or you don’t. Every child has his or her own pace for learning, but being proactive and identifying signs can save your child the trouble of playing catch up at the start of the school year.


Signs of Falling Behind

  • Struggling with the lessons with a lack of enthusiasm¬†of a subject they used to like
  • Negative reactions to the curriculum due to the choice of the curriculum and it does not match their style of learning
  • Progress reports (at school or your own homeschool) show decrease in grades or learning overall
  • Math & vocabulary are common subjects that indicate a student is struggling

Suggestions & Starting Points to Look at

  • Find extra tutoring to fill in any gaps your student have missed in lessons
  • A check up for eye sight and hearing, because young students cannot make the connection that their eye sight and/or hearing are affecting their learning
  • Find support and mentors such as setting up a family discussion to share and help your child as a group with your child present and involved. This is very similar to a teacher-parent meeting
  • Outside events such as a death in the family would need the expertise of a counselor
  • Perhaps the curriculum does not match. Go back and check if the learning materials and books fit their style of learning or challenge your child in a different way
  • Providing more time and supplements to the school day

Final Solutions

  • Start analysing their past work and pin point specfic problems he or she had with the subject
  • Start a schedule to catch up on the school work. If this means another hour a day on that particular subject. Make this goal and stick to you incrementally
  • Use a guided lesson plan to systematically work through problems. This means that if you found the problems such as, multiplication. Find a guide that will break down these lessons to learning the table, then learning the order of operation, then practice.


There are no worries for your homeschool if you are being alert and attentive to your homeschooler’s needs. The student will give you signs if a subject matter becomes a struggle. Watch for those and again, be proactive!

Homeschool teachers, are you seeing signs of what you think might be a struggle? Let us know here on facebook:


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