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Black History: The Love Sharpener Part 1

Did you know that John Lee Love, a Black African American, invented the pencil sharpener, which was patented as the “Love Sharpener” in 1897?

So in honor of this Day of LOVE and Black History Month, let’s put the spotlight on two inspirational Christian women who, despite all their hardships, have anchored their strength on Love and Faith.

Harriet Ross Tubman.  She is probably one of the most famous African American women in the history of America.  An ill-treated slave from Maryland, she escaped to Pennsylvania only to return to Maryland and help free her family.  For 11 years, she rescued about 70 slaves, and helped more than 50 others to escape to Canada using the Underground Railroad System.

Though we believe that her most important resource was her religious faith in God, many believed that her bravery was brought about by her FAITH with the divine power.  And just like the Three Kings when Christ was born, the North Star guided Harriet Tubman.  And just like Moses, she guided the slaves heading north. Harriet Tubman has been a very devout Christian and as you go along learning more about Harriet Tubman, it seems her FAITH in the divine provided her with immediate assistance.

Every day, she prayed her master to be kinder.  But one night, she was so angry at her master for his maltreatments, she prayed: “First of March I began to pray, ‘Oh Lord, if you ain’t never going to change that man’s heart, kill him, Lord, and take him out of the way.”  A week later, Brodess (Master) died, and Tubman expressed regret for her earlier sentiments.”   [Bradford, Sarah Hopkins (orig. pub. 1869), (1971). Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman. Freeport: Books for Libraries Press. ISBN 0-8369-8782-9.]

It was the death of his former Master that pressed her to fight against being resold to a “new owner,” knowing that this will cause her family to be separated like property settled in estate.

It was Harriet’s LOVE for her family that has been her definitive motivation above anything else to risk her life.  It is her constant belief in God’s promise that gave her the protection and the courage she needed to tread on, and be the one of the bravest women in Black African American History.


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