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Bible Arts and Crafts with Clay

clay animalsStudies have proven that children learn better when they participate in hands on activities. One of the challenges of teaching the Bible is to hold your child’s attention long enough for them to understand the lessons written in each story. Clay is a great way to do this and a great tool to add to any Christian homeschool curriculum – it allows children to use their hands to creatively express themselves and their understanding of the Bible. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Noah’s Ark

There are many ways you can incorporate clay into this story depending on age and time allotted for the lesson. Children can start by simply creating sculptures of their favorite animals on the ark or get as detailed as creating an entire diorama of the ship. A great way to make this fun for older students – have them construct a sculpture that shows the inside of the ship instead of just the outside – as if you were viewing it cut in half.

Ten Commandments

This is a great activity for young children beginning to learn the Bible. In the story, God gives Moses Ten Commandments and he appears at the top of Mount Sinai with a tablet in which he had carved them. As you teach this lesson and read this story with your children, have them create a tablet from clay and “carve” each commandment into it just as Moses had.

Clay Bowls

Clay bowls or vases are a great way for children to share their understanding of stories from the Bible. Take a ball of clay and slowly press out the center to create a bowl. Then paint images or a scene to tell the story they have just learned. You can also paint their favorite Bible verses on them as well. This idea is great around holidays and makes great gifts!


Use the clay to make beads and pendants shaped into Christian symbols or paint Christian symbols on them. Make a Ten Commandments necklace or a Garden of Eden necklace. Use the beads to tell a complete story for the holidays such as the Christmas Story: paint one bead with Mary and Joseph, then an image of the manger, then one of the 3 Wise Men, and one with the Northern Star and so on and so forth to make a bracelet or necklace.

Bible Story Telling

This idea can be an amazing way to see how each child interprets the story differently. Have each child create a scene from a chosen Bible story. Some examples might be: Nativity Scene, Tower of Babel, The Garden of Eden, or the Resurrection Story. You’ll see that they each have their own vision of the story. To make this a long term project, have them create one for many different stories and save them to create a visual Bible to share with others later.

Clay is just one way to get children involved in Bible stories – what kind of projects are you doing?

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo: Which Curriculum is the Best Way to Go?

homeschool curriculumChoosing a homeschool curriculum can be a daunting task, especially if you are considering switching from a curriculum that was unsuccessful for your child’s needs. There are some things to keep in mind during the process that can help you choose a curriculum that fits both the needs of you and your child.

Consider the following questions as you shop:

What type of learner is my child? Every child learns differently, each at his or her own pace and with his or her own style. Home education gives you the freedom to cater precisely to your child’s learning style, in a way that is difficult to implement in a typical classroom setting. Choosing the right curriculum for your child’s learning style will help keep your child motivated while they learn; High interest will help your child learn faster and retain the information longer than they would with materials that do not hold their interest.

Is it all inclusive? Some products include everything you need, while others rely on you providing some of the materials yourself. Determine whether or not you will need to borrow materials from the library or purchase separately, and whether or not those resources are available to you.

How much time will it take to prepare lessons? Lesson preparation time varies from one curriculum to the next and is an important to factor when you are making your choice. Start by determining the time that you have in your current schedule and look for curriculums that fit that same time frame.

What are other parents’ opinions of the programs? The feedback other parents provide about the available programs can be invaluable to you as you make your selections; these parents have tried the programs and can give you firsthand insight into what works and what doesn’t work. Blogs and homeschool support groups are also great resources for this kind of information.homeschool curriculum

Asking these questions as you consider which educational products to use with your child will help narrow down your choices. At Nest Learning, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have about our products and offer guidance to help you find materials that are the most appropriate for your situation.


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