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John the Baptist Remains Found

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Purchase John The Baptist Interactive DVD

John the Baptist, a major religious figure who baptized Jesus Christ and led a movement of baptism at the Jordan River was claimed to be found last week after the monastery’s basilica was opened on Sunday, August 1, 2010 in Bulgaria. Archaeologists  claim they have found the remains of John the Baptist while excavating the site of a 5th century monastery on the Black Sea island of Sveti Ivan. A reliquary – a container for holy relics and made of alabaster, contained fragments of a skull, a hand, and a tooth.

Further tests on the fragments are still to be performed, but Archaeologists are lead to believe the remains are in deed John the Baptist‘s because of a Greek inscription on the reliquary referring to June 24, the date when Christians celebrate John the Baptist’s birth and the proven reliquary 5th century dating.

The monastery on the island where the remains were found was dedicated to John the Baptist.  The relics are believed to have been donated to the monastery by the Byzantine Church.

Source: CNN


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