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Educational Value of Doing Kids Science Experiments At Home

The Science Chef - 100 Fun Food Experiments & Recipes

The Science Chef - 100 Fun Food Experiments & Recipes

There are many kids science experiments you can do with your children at home to hone and develop their skills.  As a matter of fact, you may have already done a few at home science experiments, but you simply didn’t realize it.  When you let your toddler eat ice cream, for example, you allow her to experience its cold, sweet taste; when you explain how plants need water to survive, or how animals have different diets, you give her the opportunity to see and appreciate life.  Science happens all around us, on a daily basis.

And although books are wonderful teaching tools, hands-on experience helps reinforce what theories can’t.  Here are three important tips you need to remember when doing safe science experiments with your child:

Tip #1:  Provide practical experiences. Children are naturally curious.  Learn to encourage and stimulate their inquisitive nature.  Let them explore and discover, and allow them to think and analyze things.  Get them to identify problems, and learn how to solve them.  Give them opportunities to make full use of all their senses: sight, touch, hear, taste, and smell.

Tip #2:  Discuss important learning points. Take nothing for granted.  Make sure to debrief after every lesson and emphasize important points.  Make sure to level with your child and use language, gestures, examples and even familiar faces in driving each point home.

Tip #3:  Make it a fun learning experience. Research shows that children absorb information better when they are having fun.  Don’t worry if your experiments don’t come out the way you planned.  After all, mistakes sometimes lead to great discoveries.  Understand that each child has his own unique learning style and learns at his own pace.

Below are four kids science experiments that are fun, creative, and educational:

The Science Chef:  100 Fun Food Experiments and Recipes:   Put on your apron, roll up your sleeves, and teach your child science with The Science Chef—a fun-filled, homeschool science resource that provides tasty answers to chemistry and biology mysteries with kid-tested recipes and food experiments you can perform right in your kitchen!

Butterfly Garden Complete Set:  Discover the wonderful life of butterflies with a complete butterfly kit, and watch 10 butterflies grow before your eyes!  Make the most of your butterfly experience with The Live Butterfly Activity Book that provides activities and resources about ideas.

Scientific Explorer:   Based on science activities that have been found meaningful in thousands of classrooms, Scientific Explorer kits are packed with educational value.  These fun and original experiments encourage creative inquiry and independent critical thinking skills.

Science Experiments Grade 8 DVD:   Learn concepts such as magnetism, static electricity, and chemical and physical changes through safe and economical science projects.  Led by Stanley the scientist as he takes students through LIFEPAC experiments and science projects from beginning to end, this educational DVD helps reinforce what your child learns in school.

To find kids science experiments that your child will love, visit NEST Learning today!


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