Planning and Choosing the Right Vacation Bible School Theme

Planning and choosing the right Bible Vacation School Theme can make your program the most brilliant and successful program for your community.

Here are tips to consider when planning:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Establish a mission and purpose of the program.  This creates structure for the entire program.  Is the program centered on character building? Do you have plans to evangelize? Answering these questions will help you determine the best Vacation Bible School Materials you’ll need.
  • Choose your Vacation Bible School Materials and theme.  Most publishers create theologically neutral programs.  Be careful; not all VBS themes can work in your church. Are the attendees mostly from the same church or from different churches? Are they non-church goers? Are you a city church or a suburban church?  What kind of music and interests influences your community?  Are you extending this to Sunday School lessons?
  • Consider your budget.  When purchasing Vacation Bible School Materials from publishers, watch out for additional costs on kits and manuals that may take you by surprise.  If budget is a concern, be creative! You may want to consider Gospel Light VBS.  Some enjoyed Gospel Light VBS for years because of its simplicity and because it can easily be reproduced. A happy user enjoys the fact that they also suggest where you can source other materials.  You can also choose to reuse an old VBS curriculum from 4-5 years back.  Why not?
  • Create a format.  Are you a big congregation with a huge support system?  This is a huge factor to consider for logistics.  It will determine volunteers and length of your program.  A smaller church has smaller staff and may only afford to do a short program.  You can create a rotation schedule, room assignments, etc.
  • Set a date.  Check town activities or fairs you could tie up with.  Check with neighboring churches to see what they have planned.  You can create a unified VBS or at least make sure your church leaders get to set their schedule for the VBS.
  • Recruit volunteers.  Encourage the youth who are past attendees to be active.  Give them Spiritual preparations.  Train them in first aid, and how to respond to emergencies.  Communicate with them the plans.  Create a buddy system with a senior leader.  Let them be pro-active and train them to be future leaders.
  • Create powerful invitations.  Start early and be creative! Some people withdraw when they learn it’s a religious activity.  It can be a sensitive topic.  Don’t hound them.  Let them feel they’re deciding for themselves. Attract kids by activities like skits about VBS or by balloons.  Make them want to join their friends in VBS!

Lastly, Be open to modifications during VBS Week and Learn from past programs!

Have a meaningful Vacation Bible School this year! To know more about 2013 Vacation Bible School Themes, watch the preview here.


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