Nest Learning Homeschool Favorites Things

Nest Learning Homeschool Favorites Things

Learning does take effort, but the planning should be a tad more smooth and easy. Get a little boost with kits, planners, and sets!

Favorite Thing #1: See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle for $6.39

Why we love it: It’s learning your a-b-c in a tactile way. Let’s get the senses going!


Get it here: Alphabet Puzzle


Favorite Thing #2: Lesson Planner for $6.74

Why we love it: It’s just that time of year again to get one. If you haven’t gotten one, it’s going to make you feel all teacher-like and spiffy. 🙂


Get it here: Lesson Planner


Favorite Thing #3: Pizza Party for $15.99

Why we love it: Kids all want to play with their food. With this, it’s not a greasy sticky mess!


Get it here: Pizza Party


Favorite Thing #4: Mini Anthill for $7.99

Why we love it: It’s a biology lesson in a container. 🙂 Easy and fun to do!


Get it here: Ant Hill


Favorite Thing #5: Ready 2 Learn Craft Kit Mask Kit for $10.16

Why we love it: Arts & Crafts in a box anyone? Remember, keep it easy!


Get it here: Mask Kit

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