My Kid’s the Target of the Bully: How Do I Deal?

Nest Community came across this lovely website called No Place 4 Hate.  The website is run by two beautiful sisters named Lizzie and Becky who wanted to make a difference in their own way and get the word out about bullying through real stories of kids being bullied and how they coped.

If you suspect your child to be a target for bullying but refuses to tell you anything, you can share this with your child and let them see they aren’t alone.

One story that caught our attention is a young girl who convinced her mother everyday to decide when to homeschool her because of bullying by old friends.  Through her time in homeschooling, she got over her hurt and realized her self-worth.  She eventually came back for middle school at a private institution only to find herself a target for bullies – once again.   Admitting her shyness and telling her mother that ignoring the bullies only made it worse, her mother advised her to speak up with others dealing with the same issue.

More stories about bullying and overcoming bullying can be found here.

It’s inspiring how these kids found an outlet to talk about how they feel about bullying and had the courage to post their stories.  One thing common in all their stories is a message to speak up! Tell your parents or an adult you trust about it and to never deal with your problems alone.

Even with all the articles available on bullying and expert advice on “Helping My Child Deal with Bullies”, there can never be one standard way to deal with bullying.  It is always best to evaluate the situation WITH your child and decide what steps to take TOGETHER.

Kids just want to belong.  Being part of a group, with loyal friends for support growing up, will positively help protect against bullies.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


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