Few People Really Know What the Meaning of Easter Is!!

Can you imagine most of Americans not knowing what the true meaning of Easter is? Apparently, this is sad a reality.

According to a recent study done nationwide by the Barna Group asking Americans what their definition of the Easter holiday is found that although most Americans identified Easter as a holiday, little knew what the true meaning of Easter actually is. How many exactly? While 67% of Americans relate Easter as a religious holiday, only a staggering 42% of Americans said that the true meaning of Easter was the resurrection of Jesus or that it signifies Christ death and return to life. These numbers mean that over have of Americans have no idea what Easter means. Yikes!!

He Is Risen DVD

He Is Risen DVD

This information tells us that there is a great need to make sure as parents that we teach our kids correctly what holidays signify. One great way to ensure this is by having fun and interesting tools to teach your kids these meanings so they will want to learn over and over again. Check out our animated Bible Classics DVDs here for educational movies such as “He Is Risen” and “The Passion Trilogy” which are guaranteed to have your child knowing the true meaning of Easter and have fun learning it individually or as a family. you can also get the interactive versions which come with downloadable workbooks to learn even more.

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