Live Butterfly Garden Rising to Be a Top Educational Toy

Live Butterfly Garden

Live Butterfly Garden

One of the educational toys on the market that is gaining huge popularity for its creativity, learning aspects and entertainment is the Live Butterfly Garden for kids by Insect Lore.

With a live butterfly garden you can explore the life of insects with live butterfly, ladybug, ants and other insect kits for education and home use. Insect Lore (a creator of live butterfly garden kits) lets kids witness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle with child-and-insect friendly habitats. Kids can see the caterpillar’s transition as it grows, changes into a chrysalis, and finally emerges as a lady butterfly.

A live butterfly garden comes with a mesh cage and 5-6 larvae that will turn into caterpillars and then into butterflies. All of the food that will be needed is provided.

with this educational toy, kids watch the progress of the larvae turning into a caterpillar, the caterpillar spinning his cocoon, and then the butterfly emerging in just a few weeks time. Kids will then have to let the butterflies go after 3 days so they can find food.

The live butterfly garden and other Insect Lore products teach kids about science and nature and the process in which different insects go through. It also teaches kids to learn to let things go for the benefit of nature and others.

I bought this educational toy before for my 4-year-old niece and it has been one of her favorite gifts to date. It is something that most people do not think to give and is very exciting for kids.


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