Kid’s Summer Movies

It will be a summer to remember – from Christian books to Christian music and Christian DVDs – take every opportunity to teach your kids that fun can be found around every corner – all year long but especially during the warm days of summer.

Sit down as a family and pick out some fun activities to do that involve the other neighborhood kids!  How about planning a “neighborhood movie night” in your backyard?  Have the kids invite their friends over, pop some popcorn, mix up some lemonade, have everyone bring a blanket or a lawn chair, and after you hang a white sheet on the back wall, hit play on the projector! Family Movies from Nest Entertainment are wholesome entertainment for all ages, and the best time to purchase some of your kid’s favorite summer dvd’s is now!

It’s hot, there are mosquitoes, and the sun will cook you in a few minutes – what summer activities are keeping your kids busy? For that four-o-clock melt-down, be prepared! Even if you are planning a short road trip to a family reunion, or hosting a small bible study in your home, planning ahead will help keep your kids from losing their patience. Sit your kids down for 30 minutes of relaxing entertainment, or keep their brains working by challenging them to learn about a favorite American Hero or a Bible Hero they would like to understand better.

Nest Entertainment Bible and Historical DVDs

There is fun for everyone in the summer, and no one knows that better than you!  Don’t forget to set aside some time for yourself to get caught up on your rest, your “back-to-school” plan, and some of those great movies that you didn’t get a chance to watch this past year.  And above all-make it a summer to remember!

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