Kids activities for “snow days”

Twelve inches of SNOW in Dallas/Fort Worth?  Hard to believe but true.   I really wanted to stay home and enjoy the beautiful views like these from my balcony and down our street –

  Snow Day Activitiessnow day activities for kids

but I was able to make it in to the office along with a skelton crew.

Many of our staff were unable to make it in to the office so we weren’t able to activate our fancy phone system!  We were still able to access e-mail and LiveChat requests from offsite locations.  Thanks for understanding!

We asked the moms and dads on our staff what they did with their kids at home since the schools were closed and the roads unsafe  to venture out.  Some used the time to have fun while learning about the Bible with Kids’ Bible Activities and others watched their favorite Veggie Tales DVDs.  

What do you do to keep your kids happy and safe when the weather keeps them indoors?

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