How to Make Vacation Bible School More Fun

Yes – Hate is such a strong and mean word to use about Bible Vacation School.  But people have been speaking out about things they dislike about Vacation Bible School programs.  Fox News even reported of an incident in New York City where parents were outraged over a VBS invitation.   There’s even an incident where a Church was sued over VBS game injuries.  Some say that the program has become a glorified day care center for most parents.  Others say volunteers are over-worked with all the decorating and planning that they forget about the vital part – Gospel teaching.   Some say the program is even outdated!  Some have even given up in using Vacation Bible School as an effective outreach tool because most non-church member families invited are “one-timers”.

To help deal with these issues; we’ve listed a few ideas to help you make this experience more fun for you and your family. We’re also including a few suggestions on how to attract children to Vacation Bible School.

Here are a few tips:

  • Look for Great Vacation Bible School Materials. The right materials and theme can make a HUGE difference.  It can help ease the burden of planning, and make the program more enticing for the community.  Some themes, for example, may be great for rural kids but not for urban kids.  This will help prevent unwarranted issues in most communities. Read more about “Planning and Choosing the Right VBS Theme.”
  • Train your volunteers spiritual preparation and emergency preparations.  Do not leave activities entirely in the hands of young, inexperienced volunteers.  This will help prevent unwanted injuries of much younger children.  Ministry Leaders and VBS hosts are responsible for programs and not the VBS publishers.  Remember they are all suggestions, which you may always adjust and modify, as you want.  Gospel Light VBS is an amazing program since they keep it simple and it’s easy to modify and reproduce.  Another good publisher is Group Publishing VBS.  Nest Learning has a list of previews for 2013 VBS themes you could check.
  • Create a strategy to FOLLOW-UP on families who joined VBS.  This is what most church members would call Evangelism Strategy to further build on relationships that began during Summer VBS program.  A great follow-up program can help bring the faith back in the Vacation Bible School.
  • Create attractive and inter-active invitations ahead of time.  Build anticipation and amusement of children.  For example, you may use balloons to invite, create pre-VBS season activities like hot air balloon release.  Present short skits on the upcoming VBS.  Make kids want to be there because their friends are there too! Start early, at least a month before the scheduled Summer Bible School.

In the end, problems are only opportunities presenting themselves to make us think of ways to overcome reinvent and be more creative.  A lot of people still love Vacation Bible School and remains significant for their families.


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