Homeschooled Kids Rank Above of Average

Homeschooled Kids

Homeschooled Kids

Growing up, I remember a really good friend of mine getting pulled out of school to start getting home-schooled. I remember how all of our friends talked about how sorry we felt for him and how he was going to miss out on so much. What about prom, sports, talent shows, or even more important friendships and a great education? It was not until I met up with him later that I realized a lot of my perceptions were false.

These days there are all sorts of ways homeschoolers get with other home-schooled kids and they do get to experience prom, sports, and more! And then I read the following studies written by a newspaper columnist out of the Seattle Times newspaper.

According to a study of 7,000 homeschooled young adults by Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute, “74 percent had attained some college courses, compared with just 46 percent of other young adults — and 82 percent said they would home-school their own kids. On the social front, almost twice as many home-schooled adults as those in the general population were active in their community (71 percent to 37 percent) and “very happy” with life (59 percent to 28 percent).”

In 1998, a Home School Legal Defense Association’s study of 20,760 home-school students found that: “In every subject and at every grade level (on standardized tests), home-school students scored significantly higher than their public and private school counterparts.” Younger home-schoolers performed one grade level higher than their public and private school counterparts, and by eighth grade, “the average home-school student performs four grade levels above the national average.”

Homeschooling is not for everyone, but who is to say that home-schooled children actually miss out? My friend had a great personality and wonderful manners unlike anyone of his age and was very thankful for being home-schooled.

Let us know your experiences!!

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