Supplementing Faith Based Curriculum


Supplementing Faith Based Curriculum

People tend to think that a faith based education is very restrictive and narrow. When in reality, it is anything but! It takes more thoroughness and thought to educate with a faith based curriculum. As the teacher, we are trying to intregrate all subjects and learning with faith based teachings. It’s a balance! Faith based education also morphs into character education that is wholly beneficial, because character education passes down values. We need to bring about a change in the world by creating deep experiences that will pass down unique life lessons to our children. We can start by adding rich content and lessons into their lives.

If your homeschool curriculum is faith based, consider supplementing with:

  • Faith Based Art Curriculum: See The Light are DVDs that weaves biblical stories with easy and fun to learn art lesson.
  • Faith Based Animation DVDs: Nest Animated DVD Collections build character traits that will last a lifetime. Our stories from the Old Testament ignite a spark and an interest in God, the New Testament stories portray the love and grace extended through Christ, and the Historical Biographies teach valuable life lessons. More than a just movie, these DVDs change lives!
  • Faith based animation DVDs: The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith is an award-winning video series produced by International Films, The Voice of the Martyrs, and Christian History Institute. The series features stories of heroes and heroines of the Christian faith.

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