Choosing Homeschool Curriculum to Supplement Traditional School

There is an abundance of school material and curricula available when choosing homeschool curriculum. They vary greatly, so it can be overwhelming for a new homeschooling family.

A full breadth curriculum – Alpha Omega Curriculum and LifePak, for example – is designed to teach five core subjects and a few electives go along with it. A specific-subject curricula approach, on the other hand, focuses on mastery of subject and easily supplements any chosen curriculum – this is perfect for parents who want to reinforce lessons taught in traditional school.

Look into a one-stop resource like Nest Homeschool Curriculum.  Their supplements vary from a full-breadth curriculum to a specific-subject approach curriculum, and are perfect supplements for private/public school education.

Find out where your child is good at doing or need more focus. Sometimes it is easier to supplement your child’s education than forcing them to catch up on school work.  Supplements from Nest Homeschool Curriculum can be easily incorporated in the daily activities you enjoy with your child.

For instance, when they read books, you can encourage them to write about their daily activities with the instructional help of Shurley English.  The Shurley method is memorization of grammar rules and terms through jingles! Just get ready to join in their singing; it’ll sure get stuck in everyone’s head.  Even homeschooling mom and amazing blogger, Shez, was able to apply this to teaching her son Mathematics.

Another program you can use is Worldly Wise 3000.  You can apply the vocabulary program easily when you converse with your child. The program has word lists on new words learned, and also includes picture cards and introduces 150 new words to 400 new words per year to your child.  The beautiful part is their flexible lesson plans that allow you to complete them in less than half an hour.

While Math can be tough for most people, you can make it easy and fun.  Saxon Math can be assimilated in your daily activities as well.  You can count money and change, calculate how long until their favorite TV show or how long until meatlooaf night! The program is scripted for the parent and has a step by step approach making it easier to follow and develops logical thinking.  Try reading out the instructions for your child and apply the concepts creatively, you can make learning Math concepts fun and maybe even help you out of your Mathematic trauma!

Nest Learning Homeschool Curriculum all come with simple-to-understand lesson plans that will help you give instruction easier and provide you with immediate feedback, allowing you to easily track your child’s full movie Bad Moms

Who knows, with the help of these supplements, your child could easily be the next great poet or Zig Ziglar or create their own multinational corporation like Henry J. Heinz.

Clearly, choosing homeschool curriculum doesn’t have to be a chore!


About Nest Entertainment: From its origin over twenty years ago, has become a leader providing entertaining and educational resources for the expansive family market.  In addition to creating enriching stories and highest quality animated and musical productions, we have carved a niche as the nexus distributor between the wholesome Family Entertainment, Home Education and Christian markets through our proven Internet retail and wholesale distribution system.

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