Character Education and Building

Character Education and Building

Why should we be teaching?

Why do we care about building character? Why is it so important? At times, living in the same environment with all basic needs fulfilled pushes aside the true needs of the world. At a early age, everyone was taught to consume. We are doing the same things with the same people in our cities or suburban neighborhoods and living superficial lives.

What the world needs now is real values and character education. We need to pass down a legacy. We need to shake things up and bring about a change. How do we create deep experiences and pass along unique life lessons to our children?

  • Proactive teaching– being there to teach a deeper lesson when an event happens
  • Clear instruction– keeping consistent with your thoughts and values and being an example
  • Activities– adding activities that is conducive with your values

How do we set aside Character Building 101?

It’s not so simple. Character building happens subtly and with direction from the teacher/parent. Teaching moments crop up sporadically. When they do, you prune the student like you would do with a young sapling and direct the growth to have a strong and straight tree. For example, a boy with a disfigurement is noticed by your child. If your child was alone or with others in class, he or she most likely will react with a stare or along with other students. This make the disfigured boy feel uncomfortable and facilities a judgement you wouldn’t want in your kids. When you are there with him, you can create a teaching moment intertwined with tolerance and kindness for others, even when they are different.

Some places where you can start:

  • Working for a worthwhile cause/charity
  • Hosting group discussions and debates for your homeschool with other homeschools
  • Building work ethic through a chores system and/or reward system, easily created with an incentives chart
  • Being in service to others through organizations, churches, and clubs
  • Teaching real needs and issues of the world, e.g. world hunger, health care, disaster relief efforts, etc.

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