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WASP finally honored!

world war 2 WASP pilots | Nest Learning Blog

Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum

Just in time for Women’s History Month celebrations, a brave group of female veterans of WW  II are finally being honored.  Following on last year’s award by Congress of the Congressional Gold Medal (the highest civilian award)  the WASPs (Women AirForce Service Pilots) received their award this week.

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Women’s History Month 2010

As a nation, we are approaching that egalitarian ideal when there will be no reason to differentiate milestones and accomplishments by gender.  But even as we get nearer to that time, I kinda like having a time set aside to help women’s history-changing accomplishments break through the media clutter.   Thank God today little girls do not have to go through the same struggles that girls and women before them had to go through. 

I admit, I have an affinity for Women’s History Month which we as Nation celebrate every March.   I like being reminded that women who were just like our moms, sisters, aunts, cousins and daughters braved the establishment and blazed trails so that little girls born in America today can, without a second thought, truly live out their dreams.  !

At NestEntertainment have created DVDs and dramatized audios about amazing women that will inspire you and your children and keep alive the memory of their struggles and accomplishments.   And what a diverse group, from Queen Esther to Hariett Tubman, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Florence Nightingale, and many others.  I’ve shared with you one of my favorite stories from our Animated Hero Classics series, Marie Curie

My grandmothers and great aunts were trailblazers, attending college, starting and managing businesses and playing sports before any of that was commonplace.  This is a fun photo of my mom with her basketball team in the ’30s (she’s the one standing, on the left) in her dress uniform and all!  In those days, teams had six players on the court, 3 guards and three forwards.

Women's History Month

There are many women, moms, aunts, grandmothers and great aunts whose names and stories we may never hear; but they were nevertheless inspirational and instrumental in the grass roots efforts to change the world for good.  Please share with us stories of the trailblazing women in your life; we’d love to help spread the memory of their achievements!


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