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Make Your Own Crane.

This week we are sharing this fantastic idea for a study of physics or inventions. Who says Math is boring when you can think ways to spice things up? 🙂



Nest Learning is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost trusted suppliers of educational products. We provide discount prices on a variety of premium homeschool curriculum along with classroom resources, teacher resources, and school supplies. Nest Learning products correlate to numerous State and National Standards, making them a must-have for any educational setting.


Bring out the little artist in your child.



Teaching your child to paint can be fun for both of you. With a few cheap and simple materials, your child can begin to express themselves in living color!




Nest Learning is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost trusted suppliers of educational products. We provide discount prices on a variety of premium homeschool curriculum along with classroom resources, teacher resources, and school supplies. Nest Learning products correlate to numerous State and National Standards, making them a must-have for any educational setting.

Teach your childern about William Bradford! Sample DVD Offer

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Get Ready for the Holidays Early With Our Selection

Get Ready for the Holidays Early

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New Book at Nest: Unconditional: A Novel

Did you watch Unconditional that recently came out in theaters?

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New at Nest: October Baby on DVD

New at Nest: October Baby

A wonderful DVD to watch with the family.

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Looking for a Fun Weekend Craft? Here’s One We Suggest!

When the weekend is approaching, and your kids have no plans, you know the infamous phrase “i’m bored” or “i have nothing to do” will be approaching.  Well fear not parents, because we have your solution and it’s even a great learning tool (but we’ll keep that our little secret).

You can’t go wrong with this brand new product called Mikes Inspiration Station from Nest Entertainment. It’s packed full of DVDs teaching your kids how to go about doing the different crafts, what they need and how to prepare for this exciting craft time!  The DVDs are also Dove approved, so parents, you won’t have to worry about the little one’s running around during this crafty activity time.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Here’s a quick summary of this fun-filled product:

Mike’s Inspiration Station (staring Michael Cariglio of Pappyland) teaches and inspires kids to develop their God-given gift of creativity. With inspiration from sidekick. Booker T Bible (a talking cartoon Bible), real-life popular television artist, Michael Cariglio, demonstrates various art projects that include: watercolors, sculpting, pastels, drawing, and much more. This series targets 8-16 year olds, however, younger ones love to watch even if they may choose not to work along with Mike on the project.

There you go…need i say more?

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Working It Out Part III: The Butterfly Stage

We’ve all seen the Biggest Loser, most of us walking away inspired to get fit and live a healthier life style. Abby Rike’s story is no different; she talks of being cut off from the family and support she had left in her life only to be pushed to her body’s limit and to the point of injury. But her injury didn’t stop her – she kept going in the competition until she was cut and sent home. Even then, Abby never gave up – she kept working out and eating healthy. With help from trainers and nutritionists to lose the weight, she lost 100 lbs in the end!download movie The Visit now

She could not have done it alone though – and she is the first to tell you this. Despite being cut off from communication with the outside world, letters from family and friends along with the rare, but occasional allowed phone calls gave Abby the wings she needed to break from her cocoon and fly again. Her support from the other contestants got her through in between these much needed communications with her family.

And upon returning home, her family and friends support meant more to her than ever. All of this is meant to inspire and motivate all of us – reminding us that we can do it too! We can become healthier and find ourselves again!

But I wonder – can we all REALLY do what Abby did? She lost 100 lbs in a short time frame. She was given the chance to leave her home and lifestyle to do nothing but work out with amazing trainers all day. And even after going home, she opted to not go back to work being offered the chance to work out with some amazing trainers that donated their time to her. This would not be the case for the majority of us –Abby Rike was truly blessed with this opportunity.

While I’m not saying what she did is impossible – I am a strong believer that through Christ we can do anything – but, Abby’s circumstances were one in a million.

As for her closing notes: I was a little shocked by them! Her message throughout the book was inspirational and caring – her tone very quiet and subdued. The last few pages however, became very ‘preach-ey’ and passionate about her views and beliefs. Not once throughout the book does she preach or push her beliefs – but it seems like she was waiting until the very end to throw it at you as a last note.

So I caution you, if you have not read this book, to be prepared for the last few pages. Some of you will agree, others will not, but it is clear that she wanted her voice as a Christian heard.

Working It Out Part II – The Cocoon Stage

Cocoons vs. Caves

It’s hard for me remember that a cocoon is protection. It’s often used as a metaphor as a place of hiding or retreat, which would probably be more accurately described as a cave. But a cocoon is an envelope of security – a protective lining. I get an image of God holding us in the palm of His hand – cocooning us from the weight of the world.

But when we decide to build our own cocoons, our own protection from the world, we will fail. Even our best attempts at creating a sanctuary will crumble and expose our raw wounds. In this section of Working it Out, Abby Rike shows us the cocoon she built around herself and how God gave her the grace to realize that her own strength was not enough to get her through the rest of her life without her family.

I had to come to grips with the fact that my cocoon was not the safe place. The cocoon was the suffocating place, the place where my vicious cycle continued and I asked, Why is there no light? Why am I stuck here? without every actually finding an answer. The coon was tight and uncomfortable, not safe and inviting – a trap, not a haven. And the more I wrapped myself in layers and layer of protective coating, the harder it was to emerge from that false sense of security. It was not until later that I realized a cocoon is not a sweet escape from life. It is the absence of life.” – Abby Rike, Working it Out

It’s so hard to trust in anything or anyone when we are so badly wounded and disoriented. Our instinct is to tuck the problem into our hearts and try to ignore the pain, while it eats us from the inside out.

If we could just remember what we are called to do in Proverbs 3:5-6:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

I learned something from Abby in this section. I create a cocoon around myself all the time – from big issues to little issues and everything in-between.  I have been under the assumption that healing happens all at one time – that I will have an epiphany and will immediately be able to let go of my problems. But I think maybe the healing process comes off as it goes on – one layer at a time. It starts in the heart, maybe as a small whisper, then moves outward, encompassing anything in its path.

Lisa Whelchel Releases New Book, Friendship for Grown-Ups

lisa whelchel

"Friendship for Grown-Ups" book

Former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel shares her experiences of growing up without true friends in her new book,Friendship for Grown-Ups,” and sheds light on how she learned to find and develop friends as an adult through God’s grace.

Growing up as an actress in Hollywood, Lisa Whelchel had a hard time finding true friends. In this time, Lisa was able to see what constitutes a true friend, how to keep them, how to be a true friend and more. She has taken all of her most intimate stories and secrets and combined them into the book, Friendship for Grown-Ups.

Friendship for Grown-ups is a true story written straight from Lisa Whelchel’s heart and really draws the reader in by including discussion questions and other tools. She is very straightforward and honest and does not sugar coat a thing.

Click here to pre-order Lisa Whelchel’s, Friendship for Grown-Ups now!

Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel

About Lisa Whelchel

Born on May 29 in Littlefield, Texas, Lisa Whelchel was 13 when she landed her first professional acting experience on “The New Mickey Mouse Club,” as a Mouseketeer. Best known for her starring role as Blair Warner on NBC’s “The Facts of Life” for nine years, Ms. Welchel has now taken much of her experience in life and turned into a successful author career.

Her first book, “Creative Correction” published by Tyndale House, released October 2000. The book has sold over 200,000 copies and received a Gold Medallion Nomination in the Family and Parenting Category.

She is also the author of “The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me,” “So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling,” “The ADVENTure of Christmas,” “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Prayer,” The Busy Mom’s Guide to Wisdom,” “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Bible Study,” “Speaking Mom-ese,” “Creative Correction – The Bible Study, ” “This is My Story -Bible Study” and “Taking Care of the ‘Me’ in Mommy.”

Ms. Whelchel is married and homeschools her three children. She feels her current role, as a wife and mother, is her greatest, and most challenging, role yet.

With a goal to refresh and equip other mothers, she is the founder of MomTime Ministries, MomTime Get-A-Ways and “Personal Mom Coaching.”


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