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3 Tips on How to Choose the Right Bible for You

With hundreds of different Bibles and Bible covers to choose from, it’s easy to end up with one that you won’t like.  Choosing the Bible translation that best fits your needs is indeed a bit tricky—like buying a house.  You first need to know what you need in a home before you begin your search.  So before you go out shopping, here are 3 tips you need to remember on how to choose the right Bible for you:

 Tip #1:  Know what you want in a Bible.  Do you need one that is written in simple English that’s easy to understand?  Do you want to know the historical significance behind biblical stories?  If you’re not familiar with the order of the books, for example, consider getting a Bible with thumb index.  Are you going to use for a Bible study, or for your course work in school?  If you are reading it with a group of people, ask what translation is recommended or required.  Determining your needs will help you pick which Bible version is best for you.

 Tip #2:  Choose a Bible translation that’s perfect for you.  There are so many translations available in bookstores and online, so you will need to do some research.  Some of the common ones are: KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, ESV, AMP, TLB, ASV, NIRV, HCSB, TNIV, CEV, YLT, and WNT.  If you want a Bible that’s easy to read and understand, for instance, you might want to consider the New International Version, as this version employs a thought-for-thought concept method called Dynamic Equivalence.  But for a more thorough study of scriptures, go for either the King James Version or the New American Standard Bible.

 Tip #3:  Consider your options.  Browse through the Bible version you picked to get a feel of the scripture.  Read a passage and see if you understood it.  Did you easily read the text?  If you have eyesight problems, consider getting a Bible with larger print. Remember, this is something you will use frequently, so it’s wise to be picky.  Shop around and look for great deals.  If you’re working on a budget, consider getting your Bible in paperback.  Quality should be your top priority, but that doesn’t mean going far and beyond your budget. 

Where to Find the Best Bible Translation for You

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