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Making Good Use of Garbage.

Though we’re not always consistent with including it, nature study is fun, interest-led learning in a real-world, hands-on environment idea that will help you and your kids be more active and aware. This week, why don’t you try Vermicomposting. It’s also another way to teach your kids to face their fear of worms.



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Earth Day Activities and Projects To Teach Your Kids

Earth Day 2010

Fun Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day activities and Earth Day projects are a great way to celebrate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary on April 22, 2010! Earth Day is about creating awareness and promoting appreciation for our Earth. What a great time to teach your children about their planet and how to take care of it! At NEST Learning we are celebrating by offering you tips and supplies to create fun  educational Earth Day activities for your kids.

Here you will find helpful resources for protecting the Earth with our Earth Day books, Earth Day projects, Earth Day DVDs, Earth Day classroom decorations and many other Earth Day activities. Plus, we have listed some do-it-yourself ideas that you can implement at home.

Earth Day Projects and Earth Day Activities:

See who can come up with the most activities to help conserve the Earth’s resources. Then set a week where the kids have to implement those activities and every time they do they get a sticker. At the end of the week, the one who implemented the most ways to help save the Earth gets a special Earth Day Gift!

Some ideas to talk about for Earth Day would be:

  • Reduce Electricity by turning the lights, TV, computer, and household appliances off every time you leave the room. Even when appliances or DVD players are off they still use electricity if they are plugged in.
  • Shut off the water when not in use. When brushing teeth turn off the water while actually brushing and turn back on only when needed.
  • Ride a bike or take a bus instead of taking the car.
  • Hang dry clothes rather than using the dryer
  • Eat Organic
  • Recycle – make separate containers for plastic, glass, aluminum and paper. Take aluminum to a recycling plant and show them they can get money for doing great things. Take old clothing or unwanted toys to a local thrift store, church, etc. to help others and reuse those materials.
  • Collect food scraps to turn into a great compost for the yard. Maybe have the kids pitch in to buy a composter so you can start doing this as a ongoing project.
  • Get reusable bags to use for grocery shopping, packing lunches, etc.
  • Take nature walks or go camping to point out different bugs, plants, trees, and more and tell about each of their importance for being on the Earth.
  • Reuse trash to make cool art projects, containers and gifts.
  • Find local festivals that are celebrating Earth Day in your area top take your kids to.

There are many more fun Earth Day activities and Earth Day projects to teach your kids about the benefits of conserving resources. Be creative and let your kids come up with their own ideas as well. Plus, save a little money on your utility bills while in the process!

To purchase supplies and materials to help you teach your children about the Earth this Earth Day  see our categories below to shop now!

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