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The Grinch March

For the past several years, our co-founder and leader has made it a personal tradition to go to the 24 Hour Walgreens near his home very early Christmas morning on a “Grinch march” to give back to the community and spread Christmas cheer.

He buys baskets full of toiletries, snacks and other useful items and then donates them to a shelter.  He also pre-clears with the store manager that “the Grinch” will pick up the tab as a Christmas surprise for anyone who checks our while “the Grinch” is in the store.  So of course those folks that are buying last minute items and normally not in a good mood having to be out at the store before dawn on Christmas morning, leave with a smile on their face.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

This year he had Grinch masks made and asked several of his friends and family to join him in his annual Grinch March through Walgreens.  We hope you enjoy the video of this year’s Grinch March and that it inspires you to find new ways to show your appreciation for the many blessings you’ve received!

As he puts “the story of the Grinch is all about redemption” . . . . . .


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