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Nest Learning – Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

We help educators be more effective, student’s succeed, and families experience healthier relationships. The community of academic and faith-based educators, involved parents, families and caregivers recognize NEST as a premier source for inspiring, educational and entertaining resources for both children and adults.

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Nest Learning, Leader in Christian Education

Largely recognized as a leading purveyor of Christian educational materials, Nest Learning was founded in 1989. More than twenty years later, they’re still going strong. With a presence in social media, the company manages to keep up with cutting edge trends while continuing to provide traditional, quality classroom materials for homeschool and Sunday school teachers, private and public schools, and libraries. While Based in Coppell, Texas, the company’s productions are distributed throughout the world. They have expanded their influence in the multibillion dollar Christian-themed home education market by embracing new technologies that provide enhanced communication with their customers.

Founded on principles of integrity and diligence, with a commitment to creativity in education, Nest Learning never loses focus on its goals of helping home educators share wisdom, knowledge, and morality with students. Adhering to a strong sense of accountability, Nest Learning holds their products to rigorous standards, with an independent board of theologians reviewing their 36-DVD Animated Stores from the Bible series. They carry the best in home education curriculum and their 20-DVD Animated Hero Classics character building series correlates to both state and national standards. These measures assure consumers will be confident and receive only top quality educational products.

In keeping with the founding vision, current president Ernie Frausto seeks to provide quality homeschool education products and outstanding customer service. His purpose is to develop a “strong community of people who are passionate about home education and love to serve the local community.” In addition to curriculum materials, Nest Learning also specializes in classroom resources, teacher resources, school supplies, and Christian products for churches and religious-type classroom settings. With foresight like theirs, it’s easy to envision Nest Learning being around for another twenty years and beyond.


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