Author Disguised As Child Gets Answers From Celebrities

Bill Geerhart

Bill Geerhart with tools used to write his letters taken by Reed Saxon Associated Press

Bill Geerhart, a grown man who during his downtime as a writer in Los Angeles decides to write letters disguised as a 10-year old child to various government officials, teen stars, serial killers, religious leaders and more asking all sorts of different questions.

Starting in the mid-1990s Geerhart has finally decided to compile all the letters he has received and place them in a book called ‘Little Billy’s Letters.’ The answers he received disguised as a kid to certain questions baffles many and making many curious to know more. Among some of the letters are:

OJ Simpson’s Lawyer Robert Shapiro: Tells him how to get out of accusations that he and not it dog destroyed his sister’s doll. “is there any forensic evidence that will support that the dog killed the doll? How about tooth mark’s on the doll’s remains (assuming there was remains? If so, a good forensic dentist will be able to match them to the dog,” said the lawyer.

Religious Broadcaster’s aide Jim Bakker: Responded to Billy’s letter where he wrote that he wondered if he should shoot his dog because he thinks he is possessed by a demon. The aide responded, “Just read your letter to Rev. Bakker. In our prayer time we were praying for you. We feel you should not shoot Tippy. We hope all is better and Tippy is back to normal.”

Dr. Jack Kevorkian: For career advice, Billy wanted to know if becoming a convenience store clerk would be a good idea because he would have access to video games on the job. From his prison cell, Kevorkian responds, “sometimes I wish I was a 7-11 clerk!”

Anheuser Busch: Asked if there was beer for kids. Busch sent him a brochure to parents on how to talk to kids about drinking.

Former President Gerald Ford and former Vice President Dan Quayle: Gives Billy good-luck wishes as he mounts a campaign for third-grade class president.

Source: Austin American-Statesman


What do you think about what author Bill Geerhart did to get fodder for his book “Little Billy’s Letters.”   It’s made a lot of people laugh and it exposed the thoughts of well-known media figures and how they express themselves to someone they believe to be a sincere 10-year old?   Then again, he was misrepresenting himself and playing a practical joke.  Let us hear your comments!

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