Backyardigans and Dragon Tales: Using Educational DVDs for Toddlers



Parents over the recent years have turned to educational DVDs—such as Backyardigans and Dragon Tales —to teach their young children.  And while some experts argue that too much TV time can be counterproductive in educating kids, recent studies show that with proper supervision, educational media can actually help boost learning.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 1 to 2 hours a day of high-quality educational media for children ages two years and older.  Although personal interaction is still the best avenue to take, allowing your children to watch educational DVDs can be beneficial, especially when they have one or two hours to spare, or when weather conditions provide no other option but to stay indoors.

Keeping your kids occupied during hot, cold, and even wet seasons can be a bit challenging.  You are bound to run out of activities and game plans, which can easily increase your level of stress, especially when you have to attend to other things like your career or other children.

This is where shows like Backyardigans, Dragon Tales and other educational DVDs step in to help.  For two hours, your children will be entertained and taught different life lessons.  Highly recommended by parents and even school teachers, these shows teach kids the beauty of imagination and the importance of building self-confidence and self-worth.  Each episode has a basket of values, each revealed in a way that’s appealing to children from two to four years of age, with plenty of repetition and even some dancing and singing!

Below are Four Tips on How to Optimize Your Use of Educational Media to Teach Your Children:

Tip #1: Stock up on a careful selection of programs that your children can view when they have free time.  Take advantage of the wide array of options available to you, even online!

Tip #2: Make time to watch these shows with your child, as this allows you to debrief and discuss different learning points, as well as enhance his or her vocabulary and analytical skills.  Do not use educational DVDs as electronic nannies.  Doing so will only be detrimental to your child’s social and cognitive development.

Tip #3: Teach your children critical viewing skills as you watch educational DVDs together.  Knowing how to filter and analyze information will help them make right

Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales

choices as they grow up.

Tip #4: Limit the time they spend in front of the TV to 1 to 2 hours, per day, for children ages two and above.  For babies younger than two years, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time at all.

Popcorn + Animated Education DVDs + Mom and Dad = A Fun Learning Experience!

The modern world is fast changing, and even the learning methods parents may choose to employ have evolved.  Shows like Backyardigans and Dragon Tales, apart from providing wholesome entertainment, are excellent educational tools that can stimulate intellectual development in children.

The ultimate trick in making this a wonderful learning experience is to simply have fun.  Keep that in mind, and it will be a time well spent in front of the TV!

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