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iPad Potty.

Saw this, and thought WOW!! I wish I had this when I was a kid!! I’d never leave the Potty!

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Jan 10, 2013 5:26pm

iPotty: iPad Hits Potty Training

abc ipotty jp 130110 wblog iPotty: iPad Hits Potty TrainingJoanna Stern/ABC News.

LAS VEGAS — Does it need any explaining? Yes, the iPotty is real and is on display here at CES 2013. CTA Digital, maker of iPad and Kindle accessories — or appcessories — is showing off a number of new iPad toys at the show, but the high-tech solution to potty training is surely turning heads.

The iPotty training system has a built-in case for an iPad and the company says it is the perfect way to keep your toddler on the bowl.

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“When you are potty training you have to keep them busy. This keeps them engaged and gives them rewards for the right kind of behavior,” said Lois Eiler of CTA Digital. In fact, there are a number of potty training apps already in the app store, including “It’s Potty Time.” The idea is that you fire up the apps, put your child on the potty and…wait.

The iPotty costs $39.99 (iPad not included, obviously) and is compatible with the iPad 2 and the current model.

Oh, and don’t worry, it does come with iPad protection. It has a touch-screen protector to, yes, guard against messy hands and pee. Perhaps that’s the real innovation here and CTA should think about making one for adults.

 watch full film Zootopia 2016 online

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 watch full film Zootopia 2016 online

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Teaching your kids how to stand up to Bullies

I came across this great article and wanted to share it. I felt it was quite relevant. The link to her page is

Tiny Tyrants: Teaching Kids How to Stand Up to Bullies
January 31, 2012
Written by Jennifer Armstrong

Filed under: Child health Behavior and discipline Ages 3-5

Teaching kids how to stand up to bulliesYour preschooler is playing with another child. Suddenly, the other kid snatches your child’s toy and pushes him to the ground.

How would your child react? Experts report that the way kids react to bullying matters — and may set the tone for future bullying episodes.

University of Illinois professor Karen Rudolph, Ph.D., reports that second- and third-grade children typically adopt one of three approaches when faced with bullies: Some value building quality relationships and getting along with others; some worry about gaining status; and others try to avoid negative judgment and embarrassment.

Rudolph says the children who want to build relationships with others are most likely to react to bullying in thoughtful and positive ways. These kids ask their teachers for help, seek emotional support, use problem-solving skills and look for ways to decrease the tension with the bully. These children also report having a better perception of themselves.

Bullying victims concerned with popularity are more likely to retaliate or react impulsively, which could escalate the problem, she says. On the other hand, kids worried about being judged tend to ignore the situation altogether, which can be effective, but might cause bullies to “up the ante.”

Developing social skills

Preschool is a good time to help children develop effective ways to cope with bullies, says Rudolph. “Think about helping kids develop relationships, learn how to get along with other kids and value the importance of good friends, rather than worrying about being popular or being judged.”

Teachers can do this, too. Kirkland preschool teacher Molly Marsh helps her students establish constructive social skills. When a child recently grabbed Legos from another, for example, “I had the victim hold out his hand and say, ‘Excuse me, that was mine,’” she says.

“I teach the more aggressive kids about personal space and talk about having a ‘space bubble,’” says Marsh. “With the victim, I teach them about strong communication and how to use strong words and a strong voice. If they’re not getting the space they need, I have them say, ‘Excuse me, I need space.’ It’s important to make sure children know it’s OK to stand up for themselves.”

According to Leah Koenig, a Bellevue certified parent coach and family therapist, bullying among preschoolers shows up in various forms: physical aggression; social isolation, such as not letting others play; and verbal aggression, such as name calling and teasing.

“Preschoolers are in the process of developing their sense of self,” Koenig says. “They haven’t developed empathy yet and are just starting to understand cause and effect. Think of them as little scientists. They’re trying to figure out how to get their needs met. Sometimes they find that by grabbing a toy and being aggressive, they get their needs met. They’re just trying different things on.”

Koenig encourages parents to help their preschoolers build confidence and develop a positive self-concept by empathizing with their problems and allowing them to do things on their own.

“Don’t do for a child what they can do for themselves — that’s the golden rule,” she says. And communicate with them in positive ways. “If they’re getting feedback that they’re not good enough, that they’re a ‘crybaby,’ for example, these words build their belief system of themselves and stay with them. If a child has a strong self-concept, then those words will bounce right off and not be absorbed into their belief system.”

Empowering young kids

Redmond mom “Kendra” (she asked that her real name not be used) has a daughter who was bullied at preschool. “We started noticing a change in her behavior before we knew she was being bullied,” she says. “When we looked into what was going on, we realized she was mimicking the bully. The child in her class was very rough and physical, and was scaring her with the aggression. Eventually, she stopped wanting to go to school.”

Kendra and her husband spoke to the school and worked out a plan to have the teachers help manage the bully’s behavior by shadowing the bully, especially in the morning when their daughter arrived and the aggression was at its worst. The parents also looked for ways to empower their daugh­ter. “We taught her how to stand up for herself by saying, ‘No thank you, I don’t like that,’” Kendra says.

Soon, their daughter became more comfortable at school. While the bully still likes to play rough, Kendra says their daughter learned to use strong words and to get help when she needs it.

Gail Joseph, an educational psychology professor at the University of Washington, recommends a similar approach. She tells kids that when they’re bullied, they should follow these steps: Use strong words, such as “Please stop”; ignore the behavior; and, if bullying continues, get someone’s help.

“In early childhood years, we are seeing providers report an increase in all kinds of challenging behavior with aggression being the most concerning,” says Joseph. “When it starts early and if kids don’t stand up for themselves and develop good skills, it becomes likely they will continue to be bullied.”

Jennifer Armstrong is a Kirkland-based freelance writer and mother of two.


5 Tips for helping your child stand up to bullies

While Joseph cautions that victims should never be blamed for being bullied, she shares several strategies parents can use to help prepare their kids to stand up for themselves:

1. Play the “What would you do if . . . ?” game, bringing up different situations, asking what they would do and talking about it. For example, what would they do if someone took their toy?

2. Read children’s books that describe someone being bullied and talk about it. Guess how people are feeling, ask “What would you do?” and try role playing.

3. Teach kids to use strong, confident words, such as “Please stop.”

4. Practice ignoring. To teach kids to ignore, parents can have kids make a paper “teasing shield” and have kids practice holding it up to let teases bounce off. Then, talk about how they can imagine the shield if they don’t have a real shield with them.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

5. Help kids know when to try to handle a situation themselves and when to get help by talking about “mouse” problems (small ones) and “elephant” problems (more serious ones). When it’s a mouse problem, it’s OK to use strong words and try ignoring the other child before getting help, but big problems need a big person to get involved.

Press Release: The Swan Princess Christmas


“An enchanting story about the Christmas Spirit” – Francine Brokaw,


A Heartwarming, All-New, Animated Musical Christmas Tale


17 Christmas Songs From The Swan Princess Christmas


The Swan Princess Christmas Original Soundtrack

Debuts on November 6th

Featuring All-New Music by Anna Graceman from “America’s Got Talent”

Dallas, Texas. (October 25th, 2012) – On November 6, 2012, just in time for the holiday season, and Blindrun, together with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, will release two music CD’s based upon the soundtrack of the enchanting new animated film, “The Swan Princess Christmas.” The Swan Princess series has always been known for its wonderful musical compositions, and “The Swan Princess Christmas”continues the tradition.

On November 6th, the “The Swan Princess Christmas” DVD will also be released exclusively through Walmart. “The Swan Princess Christmas” star – Princess Odette herself – is supported by two young “ladies in waiting,” who are no longer waiting for their place in the spotlight. Anna Graceman from “America’s Got Talent” and teen recording star Summer Eguchi bring their talents to the screen as Princess Odette’s singing voice talent and movie feature song artists.
 “The Swan Princess Christmas” Original Soundtrack features an exhilarating, original score composed by Vassal Benford. Vassal also introduces remixes of 17 beloved Christmas songs that are woven into the score in a “Glee” like fashion that easily become immediate favorites to sing along with. The second CD titled “17 Christmas Songs from The Swan Princess Christmas” features the Christmas songs back-to-back, without score.
“The Swan Princess Christmas” DVD was Directed by Richard Rich (The Swan Princess, Alpha & Omega) from the screenplay by Brian Nissen, and was scored by Vassal Benford and produced by Richard Rich, Seldon Young and Jared F. Brown.
About Nest Entertainment: From its origin over twenty years ago, has become a leader providing entertaining and educational resources for the expansive family market.  In addition to creating enriching stories and highest quality animated and musical productions, we have carved a niche as the nexus distributor between the wholesome Family Entertainment, Home Education and Christian markets through our proven Internet retail and wholesale distribution system.

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Ernie Z. Frausto

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