Appreciating the Homeschool: Enjoying the Magic

Appreciating the Homeschool

Enjoying the Magic

This article is great that I cannot keep from sharing! Take a look at this moving article about remembering to appreciate your homeschool:

This blog article inspired this list of reasons of why you became a homeschool teacher and how to keep yourself motivated through the tough times of it all!

Make reminders of why you homeschooled. This can be printed on a sheet of paper and cut up into pieces to be placed in a jar. You can make a list and simply smack it on the fridge with a magnet. The point is to remind yourself of why you are pouring all that hard work into your classroom. It’s for you, your family, and your values.

Take pictures of your hard working students today! You will appreciate capturing their beauty and essence. Pictures help ground you to the here and now of the moment that you are creating with the camera. You’ll remind yourself of their creativity as they draw, write, and play. I love how Darcy in this article has wonderful pictures of her kids doing just that! Make sure to also capture close ups of their faces like Darcy did.

Be that positive role model for your homeschool. Being the teacher, instructor, and mom requires a lot of energy. You are giving a lot of your freedom up to teach your kids. It is a personal and difficult choice to make when you decide to homeschool, but by making this choice you have taken up the lead to be their role model. Some days, you may be the only person they are seeing. Your class is watching you very closely for your mood and attitude and leadership. Make sure to check yourself and take a break to come back fresh for them.

Create a support system to keep you going during the long days. Some times you have to reach out either to a co-op or friends or even an online group of other homeschools. It’s important to create that web of support to catch you when you trip up. You may have a question about curriculum or frustrated with the day, because the instruction hasn’t been going smoothly. An outside resource may just be what you need.

Take the homeschool outside. So what if the day has not been going just planned? It’s time for a break and there isn’t a better place then taking the class outside. It means a break for you as you step away and it means some time for your homeschool to breathe and burn off that excess energy. Some students learn by doing and need to stretch and get some fresh air before hitting the books hard again. It’s a great bonding moment, so share in it.

Remember, homeschooling was a choice. A great choice! Like the blog article talks about, make sure to enjoy the magic of it all! Share what personal moments you appreciate about your homeschool on facebook.

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