Anita Renfroe – Pour Me Some Big Ol’ Sweet Iced Tea!

Anita Renfroe's Big Ol Sweet Iced Tea

Buy Anita Renfroe's Big Ol Sweet Iced Tea Comedy

Southern comedian Anita Renfroe is back with a pitcher of that Big Ol Sweet Iced Tea, and I give this highly refreshing Christian comedy two thumbs-up and 5 full stars for making me laugh so hard, my cheeks actually hurt!

The sassy, hilarious Christian comedian has gone from domesticated mom to YouTube sensation overnight, and it isn’t surprising—the world seems to have fallen in love with Anita’s mint brand of comedy that’s cleverly infused with a sure shot of estrogen, blended with musical parodies and daily hilarities . . . Whoever said comedy has to be offensive and crass certainly hasn’t met Anita!

In her spanking new DVD called Big Ol Sweet Iced Tea, Anita Renfroe will make you laugh with her wacky, out-of-this-world insights, her music and her trademark pop culture parodies including the following songs “Wrinkled Ladies” (my personal favorite, actually) and “Real Love Story”, “Grandma-Sense”, “Miss America Tricks”, “GPS For Babies”, “Apps, Staycations, and Hissy Fits”, “Enough”, and “Parting Wisdom”.

Filmed in her hometown of Atlanta, GA before a sold out crowd, this Christian comedy has gone viral in only a matter of weeks since its release in July 2010.  Everyone agrees; this is absolutely good comedy!

What are you waiting for?  Get a copy of Anita Renfroe’s Big Ol Sweet Iced Tea today, and begin the laughter!

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