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Need Help Getting Started? Take our Advice!

Are you still in those beginning stages of narrowing down the curriculum for this year’s VBS? The first step to planning is choosing a fun theme that all the kids will enjoy learning about! With all kinds of different curriculum choices out there, it seems almost impossible to decide.  Here at Nest Learning, we offer the top picks for this year!

If you’re looking to find a new recommendation…there’s one in particular that we suggest…Concordia’s Amazing Desert Journey!

Join the Journey and teach about Jesus from the very beginning!

This packet includes special Director Tools, Leader Tools and Student Tools along with a day by day schedule categorized by Bible Story, Key Point, Memory Verse, and Connector.

Check out this link and learn more about this exciting VBS Starter Kit that you can’t go wrong with!

Click here for more information!

Guess What’s Right Around the Corner…Valentine’s Day!

Even though, it’s a little less than a month away, planning for Valentine’s Day early is your ticket to a successful day!  It’s easy to fall into that procrastination of waiting until the week before (like every) year and then realize every gift is sold out, or that it might take too long for shipping.  Planning ahead is smart and leaves you, your significant, or your family stress-free!

Are you looking for something specific on this “LOVEly” day? If you’re looking for something for the family, check out our Valentines section for the 5 Love Languages.  This book is great for family members of all ages and allows everyone to participate in both reading and figuring out their specific “love language.”

I f you have young one’s at home, try the Veggie Tales: Silly Little Thing Called Love DVD. It’s kid-friendly and fun for a great Valentines gift!

As for your significant other, Nest offers an entire page of gift options from books about leading a God-centered relationship to the Marriage Check-up list books. Take your pick!

Get Prepared Early this Year…It’s VBS Time!

Even though VBS is 6 months away it’s time to start preparing to make 2012 your best VBS yet!

Are you stressed yet?  Well, if you are, let me reassure you that you’re NOT alone! Here at Nest we’ve planned ahead and found tools that will make your planning process go smoothly. It’s all about the “baby steps” of planning to properly put together an organized time line leading up to that exciting week of fun for kids of all ages!

To begin your planning process check out one of these helpful starter kits and themes for this year’s VBS.  We offer the top four brands in starter kits including: Pandamania, SonSurf, Hometown Nazareth, and Gold Rush.  Here’s the link for these four items:

Each of these kits includes director resources and help, a director sample pack, large group/assembly resources. This is a complete set of everything you need including interactive elements to successfully plan your VBS.

If you ask us, we could recommend any of these brands for a fun and successful VBS although one that seems to be quite popular is Standard VBS Adventures on Promise Land Power Pak 2012. This pack includes the following:

  • Director’s Guide
  • Preschool Director’s Guide
  • Planning DVD
  • Get Started Instructions
  • Sample Pack
  • All five site leader’s guide
  • Seaside Celebration Dual CD Set (Music & More)
  • Teacher guides and student books for four age levels, and exclusive Director’s Bible Pin Pal

*Plus the Power Pak also gives you the Ultimate Decorating Pack & Guide, Publicity & Recruiting CD, God’s Promises Poster Pack, Lifeguard Lagoon Bible Story Poster Pack, Super Fun Activity Tablecloth, Activity Pad, Coconut Café Apron, Art & Decorating CD, and the Kid Views DVD.

Keep a look out for our monthly blog as VBS inches closer.  Our plan is to completely prepare you for a successful VBS this year. Happy planning!!

Let’s Ring in the New Year with New Resolutions…What’s Yours?

Do you fall into that stigma of making a New Year’s resolution (because everyone else is doing it) and then forget about it after the first month? If that sounds like a common trend, then follow a few of these helpful tips and start fresh this 2012!

From 1 to 3, here are a few common, yet fitting resolutions that seem to be the most popular and significant here at Nest.

1) Weight-Loss Solutions…Always practical although without a plan often can become burdensome.
2) Daily Devotionals…Enjoying your devotional book of choice is the first step to getting started!
3) Learn a New Language…Does Rosetta Stone come to mind?

To begin your weight-loss resolution, try one of these supplementary step by step books to give you the guidance you need to begin a new health and fitness diet. If you’re just looking for a few empowering words to keep you motivated, this is also a great place to find that tool as well.

Sometimes it’s hard to find recipes that are both satisfying and taste good; take a look at this helpful blog for healthful and eye-catching recipes that are sure to satisfy your hunger. The stuffed red-pepper soup is on my list of things to try!

Next resolution on the list: daily devotionals. For starters, who is your favorite author? Some of the more popular authors include Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and Don Colbert with many others offered on our site. Find one that best fits what you’re looking to study!

If you’re looking for something fun and educational to do in the New Year, try learning a new language and test it out on your next vacation! Which would you like to try first? Spanish, French, Italian…there’s plenty to choose from! Browse through this one stop solution at Nest with Rosetta Stone!

Let us know if any of these resources were helpful to you…we would love to hear your progress!


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